About TranslatorHQ

TranslatorHQ provide an integration solution which synchronises information between Retail Express and E-Commerce sites. It works by accessing each system separately (through their API’s) and setting up a number of synchronisation procedures in the middle to update products, orders and other attributes in both systems.


• Connecting the leading Retail Point of Sale systems to the world’s leading Web Stores.
• Translator is the missing piece.

Improve Sales

• Updates pricing and stock levels regularly throughout the day
• Receive orders automatically in to Retail Express

Accurate Stock

• Enter your products once into Retail Express
• Obtain HTML descriptions and Images for Shopify from other storage, including multiple images

 Delivering Omni-channel

Delivering Omni-channel

With POS and eCommerce products synchronised, the retailer is able to offer one complete Omni-channel experience for the Sales business with one source of inventory levels and prices. The Sales business is then able to utilise the best features of both systems for additional marketing/sales opportunities.
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Our Team
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Translator brings separate stores and channels together as one. Build and grow with one version of the truth and join our more than 50 existing users

We offer BigCommerce integration allowing multiple store synchronised sales and inventory directly with Retail Express.

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