Retail Express to Shopify – Translator

This application allows you to perform synchronisations of your Products, Customers and Orders from your Retail Express point of sales system to your Shopify store. As both Shopify and Retail Express are Cloud based SaaS applications you have restricted access to your data. This windows application uses the latest Shopify REST tools and Retail Express SOAP interfaces to keep your data synced.

It make’s your life easier by :-

Enter your products once into Retail Express.
Obtain HTML descriptions and Images for Shopify from other storage, including multiple images.
Supports the GetBulkProductDetails daily compressed function from Retail Express.
Updates your pricing and stock levels regularly throughout the day.
Product Sync – This function synchronises product data from Retail Express to Shopify. All information is carried across for products marked as Export to Web and you do not need to do anything more. We map the Retail express data to Shopify.
Advanced mages and descriptions are not able to be maintained by Retail Express so these images and descriptions exist on local or cloud storage such as Amazon as the primary source.
We include a tool that will sync images back from Shopify if needed.
Disaster recovery in the event of data loss from either system is also possible.
We include a HTML editor tool that will enforce Retail Express and Shopify’s formatting and file structure rules.