WooCommerce Update 3.1.0

Woo commerce has released what is called a minor update.  But one of the exciting things for us is they now include a export/ import feature which should help clean up product details in WooCommerce and help with aligning those products better with the same products in Retail Express.


All changes should be backwards compatible with 3.0.x sites, but we do still recommend ensure extensions and themes are compatible before upgrading, and testing on a staging site or making backups for peace of mind.

CSV Import/Export

In the past, moving product data in and out of WooCommerce has required either premium importer plugins, or messing with WordPress XML files. The WooCommerce team tried to address this in 3.1 with their new CSV import/export solution which we hope will improve the experience for new users coming to the WooCommerce platform.

The new importer supports CSV files and all built-in core props, as well as custom meta data if dealing with strings. Extensions can add columns and props of their own or to support more advanced data. Fields can be mapped by the user after uploading the CSV file.

Unlike the old Product CSV Import Suite extension, all product types, including variations, are dealt with in the same CSV file. The importer can also update existing products by ID and SKU (merge), or it can create new products instead.

The exporter let’s you choose which pieces of information you’d like to export (also includes meta data), and limit the export to certain product types.



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