Image Audit has arrived

We are very proud to release our latest App in the Shopify App Store.


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About Image Audit

When products are left without images on your eCommerce store it can look unprofessional and like your store is “Under Construction”. With people and apps having access to your store there is the risk your product images are compromised.

Image Audit is now here to solve this problem for you.

Maintain the quality of your shop

Image Audit will search all of your products to see if you may have left out or removed images. These are a vital ingredient in being a successful retailer. It can then tag the product with a user defined tag and additionally un-publish the product from your store front.

  • Tags products with a user defined tag
  • Optionally automatically hide products with no images from your store front
  • Easily find products with missing images in your admin using tag filters
  • Use your tag to make up custom collections of products not meeting your data quality standards.

Quality = Trust

The content and design of a store can be far more important than any assertions on trust. Saying you should be trusted is ignored when the page appears broken or unloved.

Your online shop needs trust to work. Image Audit is one of your best tools to deliver this.