New Multi-Location features in Shopify

Recently Shopify has made available support for multiple locations. Unfortunately this is all early days and there is a lot to make sure is working before you make a change. Retail Express does not support multiple locations in their current API for example and so you will not see immediate benefits in switching. It can also break many existing apps.


You can choose if or when you want to start using the features for multiple locations. You don’t need to convert right away.

If you run your store in the following ways, then you can consider converting:

  • You have multiple retail locations or places where you stock inventory. The maximum number of locations that you can have depends on your plan:
    • Shopify Lite – 3
    • Basic Shopify – 4
    • Shopify – 5
    • Advanced Shopify – 8
    • Shopify Plus – 20 (Contact your Merchant Success Manager if you need more than 20 locations.)
    • Apps that stock inventory or fulfill orders for you are considered to be locations but don’t count towards those limits.


  • You offer flat shipping rates or the same shipping rates from all your locations.
  • You ship online orders from either one or multiple locations.
  • Your product prices are the same at all your locations.
  • Each product variant is managed by no more than one third-party app or custom fulfillment service.


This is all covered in more detail at :-


If you have any questions regarding this please let us know. We will keep you up to date as Retail Express and our connector adapt to support this new functionality.

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