We win at EnergyHack 2019

Energy hack 2019 event

Our “POWERSTALKER” team takes out the Judges prize.

What is the event? https://ministryofdata.org.au/

Energy Hack 2019 was a challenge for our team to hack the data and develop an app and a business model that drives improvements in affordability, reliability, and sustainability in Australia’s energy system. It was focused on smaller to medium enterprises.

Our team of Derek Giles, James Schurmann and our guest team member Thomas Friberg called the PowerStalkers managed to get the Judges Prize in the hackathon on Saturday. Our next step is to move to further development of the app idea for Xero.

We used the Small business energy check data for average energy spends for 2-digit level ANZSC industries for three sizes of small businesses (0, 1-4, 5 -19 employees). Industries for which the ABS records fewer than 1500 small businesses in the population were excluded.

We developed a smart system and mobile app for checking energy usage, working over the internet to address abnormalities in power or usage. This all fed back to Xero.

PowerStalker connect helps accountants to recommend advisory to relevant clients by leveraging Xero data. This gives power-saving recommendations and tools for accountants to act as energy consultants.

The Application we developed on the day …

Challenges customers are facing are that they don’t have time to think about all the power-saving steps, they just want it to be made easier for them. They all trust their accountants on financial matters and look for them for advice and guidance. For business owners we can help learn about power usage, reducing power costs and environmmental impact. And for accountants, they can help their customers thrive, and learn more about the power challenges and market.

There were 3 challenges that had to be completed for EnergyHack

1st Small businesses pay comparatively more for energy than any other consumer group – partly because they lack the time, knowledge and information to investigate better energy deals. Can you create a prototype for an app that can help small businesses reduce their energy spend?

2nd Small businesses vary greatly in the type of work they do, and consequently, the amount of energy they consume. Using the SBEC open data snapshot or other data sources, can you create a prototype for an app or service that can help small businesses reduce their energy consumption?

3rd Historically, energy-efficient products have not targeted the small business market because of a lack of data on which small businesses spend the most on energy. Using the SBEC open data snapshot, can you create a way to optimise the identification of which small business segments energy-efficient products or services should be marketed to?

The hackathon was a great day and thanks to the volunteers at the Ministry of data for the chance to tackle some real-world issues, it was a stressful day of coding but we got there in the end!

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