eBay & Amazon Connections

Codisto is the leading Amazon & eBay integration app for merchants with online stores powered by Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Ecwid.

Other multichannel selling tools require you to migrate your entire product catalogue to their platform, but with Codisto’s lightweight yet fully featured integration app you can use your ecommerce platform to connect directly to Amazon & eBay.

With Codisto you can take automate the creation and management Amazon & eBay listings in bulk, with ease, and in no time at all and keep your connected marketplace sales channels and online store connected with real-time sync for inventory, pricing, orders and product details.



Real-time Sync: With Codisto, changes to pricing, inventory and even product details are synced in real-time across all of your connected sales channels.

Create and Manage Listings in Bulk: Take your existing product catalog and use it to create new listings on Amazon and eBay in bulk.

Codisto XpressGrid: Our easy to use XpressGrid interface offers simple yet powerful spreadsheet style management of your marketplace listings directly from your ecommerce platform.

One App, All Global Marketplaces: With seamless integration of over 40 global Amazon & eBay marketplaces, no other multichannel app connects to as many global marketplaces directly from your ecommerce platform as Codisto.

Use With Your Existing Platform: With Codisto’s easy install and go app your existing Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Ecwid platform remains the source of control allowing you to retain existing workflows, avoid costly replatforming & data migration and enhance your ecommerce with a host of third-party and native apps available from your platforms app store.


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