Setup Essentials

Steps for Preparing for Integration

1) Marking Products as “Export to Web”

Products need to be marked as “Export to Web”  in Retail Express so they can be seen and transferred to the eCommerce site.

Here are the steps from the below links, extracted for your convenience.

Once the Source Group and Sales Channels are setup each individual product needs to be marked as “Export to Web Service” within Retail Express as follows:

Export to Web

For Multiple products,  it will be much quicker to do a mass download, to Excel, set the Sales Channel and “Export to WebService” columns on each item (as shown below) and re-import to Retail Express.

2) Aligning SKU’s

Need to make sure the SKU’s in the eCommerce site are the same as the Supplier SKU’s in Retail Express.  Please read the below links to understand how this works as it will be important not only in the setup but ongoing to maintain your products in sync with each system.

It is certainly cleaner if there are no product in your eCommerce  site.

3) Ready for Linking

We will conduct a number of tests and if all good send a sample of test products up for you to check.

Once happy we will send all the products up.

These will be sent to Woo in draft mode ready for you to add images, descriptions, add collections, tags or categories and publish.

4) Test Orders

The final step is for you to place a test order from Woo and let us know, so the details sent back to Retail Express are checked.

5) Going Live

Once everything is checked we will migrate your setup from our Staging server to our Production servers.


Typically the following data map is created. By not updating all the fields you can have the flexibility to have different and more detailed information in the eCommerce site and we will not overwrite it.  Conversely, if you always want more fields to always match, we can update on each sync.

Retail Express Field eCommerce Field Create for New Products Updated
Description Title


Product Type Product Type


WebStore Description Body html


Brand Name Vendor


Colour Tags


Stock Available Inventory



RRP Compare At Price


Product ID Barcode


Custom 1 Tag


Season Name Tag


Size Name Tag



Here are useful links for reference:

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