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Image Migrator – The Future of Image Management

As a globally recognized Shopify partner we saw a need to improve store experience as stores grow. Are you tired of wasting time looking and importing images, your time should be spent on something more productive. The Migrator app can search images by SKU just like magic.

Image Migrator – A solution for a problem you already have, by a developer you can trust. The answer with another question followed by the solution 

Easily Import and Export images from other stores and locations

Save your time by being able to quickly and smartly import or export images from all locations. Image Migrator does all the work for you with ease, no more having to scour the net importing your images. Working efficiently by having this automated Migrator doing all the work and you can focus your energy somewhere more productive.

Maintaining the efficiency and quality of your shop

Image Migrator will check through all your stores and if you selected either import or export the app works accordingly and all automatically until its done.

  • Easily import and export images from other store
  • Consistent images by connecting from one source which makes quality easy to obtain
  • Automatically do the imaging managing
  • Straight forward and easy to use
  • Efficiently gets all your photos in swift time

Quality = Trust = Sales

The design is easily the most important thing of any store and  saying you should be trusted is ignored when the page appears to be not taken care of.  Gain the trust you need by having your store looking more professionally cared for. consistency is a very important part of any store front and looking the part is hard to do when the site doesn’t look polished.

Now Available!

Install Image Migrator from the Shopify app store. 

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