Integration – Checkfront to Kounta

Integration – Checkfront to Kounta

To connect your Kounta POS to your Checkfront system you need TranslatorHQ. Not only will this service drastically improve and reduce both time and money needed to run your systems, for both consumers and business customers.

We offer an integration between the Kounta POS and Checkfront. This uses a high-speed no-nonsense POS application to allow rapid transaction handling by Front of house staff all while using Checkfront. This solution is a serverless application capable of processing 1000’s of transactions per hour and has processed more than 100,000 bookings.

This seamless system allows you to continue running your business while Checkfront is processing all the transactions and bookings.

The integration works by using a Checkfront trigger called a web book and when the booking is at a defined status it posts the order directly to the POS system. Our integration is based on the cloud and using micro services. As such it is fast to respond, so fast it can provide POS money integration directly from within check front. So, you are able to process a web booking through the backend of check front and then have the financial transaction appear with the requirements for cash handling etc through the deposit system in real time.

For more detailed information please see our Checkfront to Kounta – Translator Fact Sheet


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