Shopify Apps

Exclusive Offer: 2 MONTHS FREE!

If you install any of Bold’s apps you’ll get them FREE for TWO MONTHS!* (To activate your two months free, the apps MUST be installed from Bold’s page. If you install them from the regular app store here or anywhere else, that offer will not apply.)

*Product Discount does not include any trial time.

Upsell last minute products in the checkout, based on products the user already has in their cart.
Easily create timed or instant sales on some, or all of the products in your store.
Allows customers to find your retail locations based on a simple zip/postal code or city search.
Add unlimited options to product pages, without worrying about hitting the variant limit.
Setup tiered pricing levels or price breaks on products. (Ex. $9.99 for one, or $69.99 for ten)
Offer special sales when customers buy a “Bundle” of items (products or collections).
Setup different price levels that display when users login. Now offer wholesale or prefered pricing.
Encourages people to spend more by displaying a sales push in a fully customizable slide down banner.
Easily build products using a step by step graphical interface. Add final built products to cart.
Easily manage Returns & Warranty Issues by tracking and keeping your customer in the loop.
Automatically post/pin/tweet when new products are added to your Shopify store.
Offer recurring subscriptions on individual products, or an entire cart.
Sell memberships on your Shopify store. For your Subscription boxes, Member site access or service!
A TRUE Loyalty Points program for Shopify. Customers earn points as they shop, & use them to buy stuff.
Auto detect where your customers are, showing the correct currency, that’s always synced and up to date.