When fulfilling orders from both your online store AND in Retail Express you can utilize the services of StarShipIT for multiple third-party fulfillment services. the best of both worlds with a specialized freight solution. The fulfillment is not automatically completed for you.
No re-keying or clunky integrations – Our StarShipIT Connector is the missing piece to the integrated postage puzzle.


Improve your customers’ purchasing experience and reduce your costs.

  • Gives Accurate Postage Rate calculation (Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce users)
  • Looks-up addresses and auto-populates fields
  • Enables Delivery option selection i.e. 3 hour, click-+-collect etc
  • Supports Multiple Carriers incl. International and domestic


Automate every step in the dispatch process and reduce errors, time and cost

  • Supports Multiple Channels
  • Supports Multiple carriers incl International and Domestic
  • Imports orders automatically with write-back
  • Generates Labels automatically (with bulk printing)
  • Creates Picking Slips, Manifests & Customs Documentation automatically
  • Books courier pick up
  • Corrects Addresses automatically reducing delivery errors
  • Enables Drop shipping, Ship from store, and Multi-location shipping


Communicate with your customers with customised emails/sms and a branded tracking page!

  • Customisable Text/SMS and email tracking notifications
  • Branded tracking page – your voice, your chance to upsell
  • Return courier label generator

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