WooCommerce Mass Deleter

WooCommerce Mass Deleter is a program developed by TranslatorHQ to allow clients to easily move batches of products to the trash, ready for deletion. Save hours of manually moving and deleting products by using the WooCommerce Mass Deleter!


Price: 20 USD




  • Simple installation to get you deleting within minutes!
  • Easily delete large amounts of products from your WooCommerce store at a rate of more than 1 per second!
  • Simplistic user interface perfect for eCommerce store owners of any experience level.
  • Automatic saving of user supplied data for easy reusability.
  • Fully supports HTTPS, making sure your deletion task cannot be tampered with.
  • Easy to understand logging system with external logging capabilities, allowing you to look through issues after a deletion task has been run.
  • Smart progress bar allowing you to easily view the number of products already processed.



Without the following, the program will run into issues while deleting and may even fail to load.

  • An HTTPS connection to the webstore (automatically enabled by default for all WordPress sites)
  • WooCommerce API Keys with “Full Access” privileges (Required to delete products, if the user is already setup with our connector these can be found in client manager)
  • A WooCommerce Mass Deleter license file (Contact support@translatorhq.com.au to get access)


Getting Started

To get started, contact support@translatorhq.com.au with a payment confirmation and the API keys you plan to use within the program (if you are already a TranslatorHQ client using our eCommerce connector, we do not require such information) to receive your license key. Without this license key, your program will fail to load.


Once you receive your license, install the program and then place your newly received license file into the THQWooDeleter folder found in your Documents folder. You should then be able to open the program as normal and run through your delete tasks.


How to Guide

  1. Create a “To Delete File”. Just go through WooCommerce and copy the Product IDs into a text file (make sure each of the Product IDs are on their own line within the text document).
  2. Open the WooCommerce Mass Deleter program
  3. Select your file by clicking “Browse” and selecting it (you will know it is selected as the path of the file will appear on the left of the “Browse” button).
  4. Fill in the “Shop URL” field with the website link for the current website you are editing.
  5. Fill in the “API Key” and “API Secret” fields with your API keys accordingly (If you need help finding out more about what these are and how to get them, please visit WooCommerce REST API – WooCommerce Docs). If you are currently a TranslatorHQ client using our eCommerce connector, you can contact us for this information.
  6. Click “Delete Specified Products”! The “Mass Deletion Log” will list all information regarding each product deletion and the empty progress bar below the “Mass Deletion Log” will slowly fill up after each deletion.
  7. Wait for the deletion to finish and count the hours you saved manually clicking each delete!
  8. Once the deletion has finished, the “Mass Deletion Log” will let you know how many products we were able to delete. You can also visit the log file created from that delete task in Documents\THQWooDeleter\logs