Integration – BigCommerce to Ostendo

Integration – BigCommerce to Ostendo

To connect your Ostendo ERP system to your BigCommerce system you need TranslatorHQ. This service will dramatically reduce both time and money required to run your online systems for both Consumers and Business customers B2C and B2B.

Once products are in Ostendo and BigCommerce our application will receive new orders automatically into Ostendo.

This allows you to carry on running your business from Ostendo whilst BigCommerce is sending WebOrders through as one seamless system.

The order processing service consumes orders from BigCommerce and pushes them to Ostendo, an onsite Inventory Management system. As Ostendo is not cloud based the “last mile” is the hardest component to connect to securely and reliably. Our application makes the in-house Ostendo data available to the Web based eCommerce software.

The onsite ERP connection to Neto the invoices will push through from Neto to the onsite Web API, if the customer is new and definitely new they are created in Ostendo.  All products will have matching codes – if there is a code that can’t be found a “NO ITEM FOUND” item that it reverts to and you will then check those items manually in the back end of the website.

For more detailed information please see our Ostendo to BigCommerce – Translator Fact Sheet


If you are interested in exploring further please contact TranslatorHQ by email at or call us on +61 2 8091 2990. Alternatively speak to your Ostendo consultant or BigCommerce expert.